The tour of the local gastronomy in ūüö≤ mountain bike, guarantees a safe ride for more than 10 kms of “bike paths” and different faces of the city, with a person skilled in gastronomy, history and photography, our experience consists of tasting between More than 15 local specialties, we go by bicycle ūüö≤ to the business, we know the history of the product and try!

We finish the tour with typical Santafere√Īo lunch or Paisa tray

  1. SALT FOOD: Ajiaco (Recommended lunch), Donut, Pandebono, Cassava Cake, Empanada, Almoj√°bana, Roasted Banana, Pandeyuca, Arepa con carne, Egg Arepa, Creole Potatoes, Roasted Cob, Chorizo, Stuffed Cake.
  2. DESSERTS: Wafer, Rice pudding, Curd with melao, Fruit mix, Snack, Miloja, Cocada, Beans, Banana cake, Fruit salad.
  3. DRINKS: K√ļmis, Oatmeal, Craft Beer, Fruit Juice, Salpicon, Masato.
    On the route we will know a lot of the ancestral history and we will have the opportunity to take photos in very exotic and local places, which are not on the list of tourist sites of the city.